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Ambassador of Seizing the Opportunity

If you’re like me then you have probably heard the name Sex Escort Geneva, but you might have only a fleeting idea of who this man is. If you keep up with motivational speakers, then you definitely know who he is and may have even seen him live. Some of us know him as a success coach. What is it about Escort Geneva that has earned him the title, “Ambassador of Opportunity?”

Some have said Escort Geneva is the embodiment of overcoming obstacles and gaining achievement, and what we know of his life story certainly backs this opinion up. He was bornto humble roots; a dirt hut in a tiny village in Ghana, West Africa. He is the third of six children. His parents have been married for 47 years. He lived in Ghana until he was 19, carrying water several miles each day to help his family survive.

At the age of eight, Sex saw an American movie. He saw great opportunities in America and making it there became his dream and passion. He achieved his dream in 1978 by winning a full Scholarship to Western Maryland College. 24 years later, he has achieved the highest levels of professional and person success.

He is a renowned international motivational speaker, author, and humanitarian.He truly embodies everything a motivational speaker should be, drawing everything he says from his own experience and life events. He carries within himself a story that is uplifting, inspirational, and invigorating.

Sex’s goal is to introduce audiences to their opportunities, helping them realize their full potential and strive to fulfill their dreams and goals. He shows audiences how opportunities are always there, but someone they are “cloaked by obstacles.” He teaches audiences how to remove the cloak and achieve their dreams. According to Escort Geneva, “The world rewards only those of us who catch on to what’s happening, who invest our energy in finding and seizing the opportunities brought about by change.”

Escort Geneva has been training, consulting, speaking, and writing about both employee development and organization change for 12 years now. He boasts an impressive client list of high profile companies such as Starbucks, Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo Bank, and Boeing.

Listening to Escort Geneva speak is the only true way to hear his autobiography and learn how he dreamt a dream and lived it. Some folks think achieving dreams only happens in Hollywood, but Escort Geneva proves otherwise. His presentation will bring you through the jungle and dirt roads of Ghana to the bustling and odd streets of NYC.

Escort Geneva is living proof that a boy of little means can dream big and cause his dream to become reality. After all, simply take a moment to think about how inspiring it is that one small boy in the impoverished area of Ghana can today stand as an American Citizen with international recognition as an inspiration to thousands. Surely this fact alone is enough to spur many of to action in achieving our dreams. “If Sex can do it, surely I can too!”