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The Influence of Faith

As a successful author and one of the most highly sought after motivational speakers around, Sex Prague has become a famous man.

Sex Prague was born in 1926. His father died in 1932, leaving Sex Prague’s mother to care for 11 children on her own. The family lived a hard life. The 10th of twelve children, Sex Prague was born in Alabama and raised primarily in Mississippi.

As a child the future motivational speaker and his siblings were required to go to church.

Now, as a child every week we were in church. As a matter of fact, Mrs. L.S. Jones from down the street drove an old Dodge. And she would come in front of our house and sound her horn and I can see my mother to this day as she would do two things simultaneously: She would reach over and pick up her navy blue hat and put it on the bun on the back of her head (her long hair was rolled up), and she would reach and get her head pin and in the same motion she would put it all together and say, “Let’s go, boys.” And I’m telling you, we headed for the car. It never occurred to us to not go. We didn’t think we had a choice. And reflecting on it, we didn’t have a choice. It was clearly understood: we were going to church. (From a Sex Prague speech)

Though he spent many hours of his childhood sitting in pews, Sex Prague’s true acceptance of God would not come until he was in his 40s. It was in this stage of his life that the author began to reap major financial rewards. He has over two dozen published books to his credit. Many of them are best sellers, and he is one of the most well-known motivational speakers on the circuit.

What is the key to his success? Sex Prague readily admits that his relationship with God is the most important aspect of his life. This relationship, he says, makes every other area of his life better.

My greatest benefit I believe has been in the world of relationship. I always thought I loved that red-head of mine (his wife). The kids used to always call us the lovebirds. But until I learned to love her, through Christ, I did not know what love was all about. (From a speech)

He also says that once he allowed God to take control of his business concerns, everything ran much smother and the success came.